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Team USA wins

Team USA wins its first medals: Swimmer Chase Kalisz takes gold

TOKYO — Chase Kalisz, a Michael Phelps protégé who won the silver decoration at the 2016 Rio Olympics in the men’s 400 individual mixture, has won gold to give the United States its first award of these Olympic Games.

U.S. partner Jay Litherland required silver, .86 seconds behind Kalisz. Australia’s Brendon Smith won bronze.

Kalisz, 27, from Bel Air, Maryland, swam the difficult 400 IM, 100 meters of each of the four strokes, in 4:09.42.

“It implies the world,” Kalisz said on the NBC broadcast following his race. “This is the last thing that I truly needed to achieve in my swimming profession. It was something that was a fantasy of mine since for as far back as I could recall.”

The men’s 400 IM is extremely natural to Americans since it is the main swimming race of each Olympics and on the grounds that Phelps, the most finished Olympian ever, won it in 2004 and 2008, trailed by Ryan Lochte in 2012.

Kalisz has said Phelps, his old preparing accomplice at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, resembles the “more seasoned sibling to me that I won’t ever have.” Phelps was watching Sunday morning’s last from the NBC reporting corner high over the Olympic pool.

The long-term gold-award top choice in this occasion, Japan’s Daiya Seto, incredibly neglected to progress out of Saturday late evening’s passing, making a totally open last. Kalisz qualified with the third-quickest time.


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